Cucumber / Raspberry Mojito

Cucumber / Raspberry Mojito

Dee the Cocktail Deeva takes you on a cocktail holiday as she makes you a non-traditional mojito... She uses vodka, raspberries, and cucumber.
Yeah OK - Cocktail purists are screaming that you can't call this a mojito, because there's no rum and very little mint. We'll give you that - but lighten up a little bit Dee likes to have fun.


2 ounces Reyka Vodka,
1 ounce simple syrup made with raw sugar,
1 ounce frozen raspberries- thawed,
1/2 minced cucumber,
1 mint spring- garnish,
4 ounces soda water,
lime for garnish


Prep time: ,


Makes: 1


Follow along with Dee in the video.

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