Orange Blossom Cocktail

Orange Blossom Cocktail

This is another one of those cocktails with many variations, and just as many stories of how they originated…
We've seen this made without the vermouth (sometimes called the Adirondack cocktail), and can see how that may have led to the invention of the Vodka
Screwdriver; but that's another story altogether. Still other versions leave out the Vermouth in favour of Triple sec.
Whatever - there are two kinds of cocktails: the ones you like and the ones
you don't.


1.5 oz Orange juice
1.5 oz Gin
1.5 oz Sweet vermouth
Garnish: Orange wheel
Glass: Cocktail


Total time:


Makes: 1


Add all the ingredients to a mixing beaker and fill with ice. Stir then strain
into a chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with an orange wheel.

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Orange Blossom Cocktail Recipe Le Gourmet TV
Orange Blossom Cocktail Recipe Le Gourmet TV