Red Snapper Cocktail

Red Snapper Cocktail

It's like a Bloody Mary crossed with a Caesar, but made with Gin...


1.75oz Victoria Gin
3oz Walter craft caesar mix
1/2oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
Hot pepper sauce
Worchestershire sauce
Cracked pepper


Prep time: ,
Total time:


Makes: 1


Rim tall glass with celery salt.  Add gin, caesar mix, lemon juice, and seasonings to a shaker tin.  
Fill another shaker tin with ice and roll all contents back and forth from tin to tin.  
Strain contents into a tall glass and garnish with shrimp and celery stalk.

**For those of you who live outside Canada... Caesar mix is just an amped up spicy Clamato juice.
Clamato juice is essentially V8 / tomato juice mixed with clam juice.
It’s a Canadian thing!


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Red Snapper Cocktail Recipe
Red Snapper Cocktail Recipe