Puff Pastry

Candied Peel Ricotta Tart Recipe

Candied Peel Ricotta Tart

The perfect Holiday treat! Your Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter guests will love it!

Mixed Mushroom Quiche Recipe

Mixed Mushroom Quiche

If your family won't eat 'quiche' just tell them it's Breakfast Pie!

Egg Custard Tarts - Pastel de bata Recipe

Egg Custard Tarts

Our take on the Portuguese 'Pastel de nata’...

Classic British Eccles Cakes  Recipe

Eccles Cakes

So this very British snack isn't a cake at all... more of a turnover.

Palmiers 'Cookies' Elephant Ears Recipe

Palmiers 'Cookies'

Puff pastry and sugar is all you'll need for some of the best treats ever!

Stacked Cherry Puff Pastry Recipe

Stacked Cherry Puff Pastry

Don’t tell your family how easy this was to make!

Puff Pastry Apple Galettes Recipe

Puff Pastry Apple Galettes

It just sounds hard to make ... but these are super easy and oh so tasty.

Spinach and Feta Bourekas Recipe

Spinach and Feta Bourekas

These savoury puff pastry turnovers go by many names - but in our house they usually don't last long enough to call them by name!

Onion & Olive Tart Recipe

Onion & Olive Tart

Puff pastry makes this elegant appetiser so easy to make!