Beef and Chorizo Stew Over Creamy Polenta Recipe Le Gourmet TV

Beef and Chorizo Stew Over Creamy Polenta

This is a fast and easy 'cheaters' stew that you can make on a weeknight.
The polenta gets the extra creamy texture from cooking it in whole milk... no water, just milk.

Pancotta Calabrese (Calabrian Cooked Bread Soup) Recipe Le Gourmet TV

Pancotta Calabrese (Calabrian Cooked Bread Soup)

This cooked bread soup has tons of flavour from the pancetta and tomatoes.

Penne with Fennel & Sausage Recipe

Penne with Fennel & Sausage

Looking for a fast one pot supper?
Penne pasta with Fennel and Sausage.

chicken bacon bomb recipe

Chicken Bacon Bomb

What is it with wrapping meat in Bacon? Always sounds like a great idea, and it does add great flavour...

home made italian sicilian sausage

Home Made Italian Sausage

This is just our family interpretation of a Sicilian Sausage recipe.

home made sausage recipe with video

Home Made Breakfast Sausage

In links or as patties I love these sausages with a big Sunday breakfast with waffles or eggs!

how to prep sausage casing

How To Prep Sausage Casings

So you’ve decided to make sausage at home, this is the starting point - prepping the casing.