Le Gourmet TV

We are food people - first and foremost. Always have been right from the very start. We grow our own gardens, we pickle, we make jam, we start with base ingredients… FOOD!

Because we are food people; this website has no B.S., no long winded stories about Aunt Martha's gout (though she's doing fine thank you). Just recipes that are tested and laid out clearly. 

Every recipe has a video that clearly shows how to make the dish. In some of the videos we’ll give you background about how we came up with the recipe. What we tweaked, how you could change it at home, and how you can make these recipes your own.

You might also notice that our pages aren't crammed with ads - nobody likes ads. Sure they pay the bills, but they also get in the way of enjoying the site. So at this point the only ads are pre-roll on the videos, please watch the videos so we can continue to bring this great content to you. 

Thanks for stopping in - come back often, and leave us comments about what you'd like to see.